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On Dec 14, 2007 we flew from Phoenix to New York City, then the next day we flew on to Cairo, Egypt!!!  Wow!  We had a group of 23 dancers, friends, and relatives.  3 couples had gone early to spend a week in Jerusalem before meeting us in Cairo.  The trip was taken with Grand Circle Travel.  An agent met us at the airport in Cairo and we were assigned a Program Director, Salah Tawfik who stayed with us constantly for the next 2 weeks.  Salah was absolutely fantastic.  He is an Egyptologist and was extremely knowledgeable and very patient with us! 

We spent 5 nights in Cairo.  While there we visited the Cairo museum and saw lots of the relics from King Tuts tomb.  We also saw the special mummy exhibit.  We spent a day at Giza and the pyramids and also went to Sakkara to see the step pyramid.  One day most of the group went on an optional tour to Alexandria.  George & I, along with Harold & Carol, Jim & Mozelle, and Barbara & Dazarine stayed in Cairo and went on our own to the Cairo Bazaar.  It was awesome and we had a ball!!! 

Unfortunately that afternoon, we all went off for a walk along the streets near the hotel.  As we were crossing a street, Carol Powers fell and shattered her shoulder.  She ended up having surgery at a local hospital.  She had to fly home and missed the rest of our trip.  And it was Carol that originally came up with the idea and set everything up!!!  It was a horrid accident and we were all really bummed, but Carol came through it like a champ and is recovering nicely.

We flew from Cairo to Aswan and boarded the Anuket River Cruise Ship.  Then we spent 7 days cruising the Nile.  We docked at Aswan, Kom Ombo and Luxor. 

The Cairo Bazaar

On the day that most of our group took the optional tour to Alexandria, Carol & Harold, Jim & Mozelle, Barbara, Dazarine, George & I went on our own to the Cairo Bazaar. It was wonderful! We had a ball, spent lots of money and laughed all afternoon!

Cairo Bazaar

Dazarine models an Egyptian scarf

Cairo Bazaar

Our group making purchases from a local vendor

Cairo Bazaar

A patiently (?) waiting Harold!

Home Hosted Dinner Group

One unusual and fascinating event during any Grand Circle Tour is the Home Hosted Dinner. Our group was divided up and we were welcomed into the home of an Egyptian resident. The family cooked and served dinner for us and we got to have a little more incite into the local Egyptian way of life. It was a wonderful experience.


Of course the most recognized sights in Egypt are the 3 great pyramids. It almost makes my heart stop everytime I think that we actually stood in the shadow of this impressive structures.

Giza Pyramids

Our proof that we were there!!!!

Camel Rides in Giza

It would not have been a complete visit without riding a camel!!

The mighty Sphinx!

Our group in front of the Sphinx.

Who is that Egyptian peeking around the corner!!

Tom Anderson, of course!!! Does he look good or what?

The mighty Sphinx!

The mighty Step Pyramid in Sakkara

Sakkara Road Traffic

We had stopped at a Carpet School after visiting the Step Pyramid. While we stood outside, there was a constant stream of traffic such as this on the road. Most waved and said hello as they made their way home from working in the fields.

The procession continues

Abu Simbel - Great Temple

This magnificient temple was actually moved piece by piece to keep up from being lost forever under the waters of Lake Nasser when the Aswan Dam was built.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel - Smaller Temple

Felucca on the Nile

This was part of the fabulous view we had from our cabin on the Anuket while we were docked at Aswan. This is a small felucca or sail boat. This boats varied greatly in size and we actually got to sail in one later that first afternoon after our arrival in Aswan. This was the highlight of our visit for me!

View of the Nile while on our Felucca sail

Just a happy couple!

Salah, our program director and our own Jeff Weiler!

The Philae Temple

This temple is on an island just a few miles and a boat ride from Aswan. The setting is gorgeous and the temple is amazing.

Kom Ombo

The Kom Ombo Temple can just be seen in the background. In the foreground is a row of stalls where we bought our clothes for the Egyptian Night party!!!!

Kom Ombo Temple

Egyptian night was wonderful!

We played and socialized in our Egyptian garb all night!

The mighty Edfu Temple

Balloons above the Nile in Luxor

George & I elected not to participate in the pre dawn balloon adventure, but I did wake up and take a picture out our cabin window. Our group had a beautiful clear day for their ride!

The enormous Karnak Temple!

This temple in Luxor was absolutely huge. It covered acres of property with unbelievable carvings throughout. We also saw much excavation still going on. Very, very impressive.

Sunset on the Nile in Luxor

Sailing the Nile near Luxor

I caught this scene while we were cruising on the Nile. The woman is washing something in the Nile and the animals are grazing!

Ramses VI tomb in Valley of the Kings

We paid a few dollars extra to be allowed into this tomb. The colors of the paintings and carvings on the wall are simply unbelievable. While we were in the tomb, the power went out. IT WAS DARK!!!!! WOW! We also paid a couple of dollars and were allowed beyond the ropes to actually stand next to the sarcophagus. It was amazing!!!


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