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International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association (ICBDA)!!!

It's over and done!!!  Too sad!!  We anticipate this event all year, then blink and it's over!  We had a ball.  There were a few negatives, mainly because the air-conditioning refused to work....but overall this was a fabulous convention!  All the clinics, teaches, cueing, and dancing was Superb!  Wow!!  Read on for more info!!


The first day (Wednesday) was Education!  Curt & Tammy kicked it off with an excellent clinic on Paso Doble!  (Focus rhythm and we got to do the Phase VI teach the following day!!)  Then a fun and informative clinic on Hesitation/Canter Waltz by Mark & Pam Prow.  The afternoon concluded with a mambo clinic (2nd focus rhythm) by Terri & Chris Cantrell and a presentation on how to Dance with Ease by Ron & Mary Noble.  Then after dinner, we had the Prelude Ball!

Thursday and Friday were both filled with morning and afternoon teaches in both halls and of course the evening dances.  Thursday night we learned that Tim & Deb had received the Hall of Fame award for Dark Waltz.  Marvelous!

Saturday was our last new teach by Kenji & Nobuko and the Robinson's taught Dark Waltz.  The afternoon was the AGM.  We learned that the board had finally come to an agreement on 3 options for a new ICBDA logo.  Members will be able to vote on line on the ICBDA Website!!  Make sure you do that!!!!  And that starting next year, we'll be able to present another award for Distinguished Service to either ICBDA or round dancing in general.  Stay tuned for more info on that.  Then we all got to dance through all the new teaches twice.  That's always great fun!!

Saturday night was the grand finale.    We learned that Curt & Tammy had received the Golden Torch.  Absolutely fabulous news!!  Great way to end the festival!!  Of course we got to dance the night away too!!

Here's a list of the dances presented.

Name (Click for Cuesheet) Choreographer Phase Rhythm
Boom Michael & Regina Schmidt IV+2+1 Foxtrot
Dark Waltz (Hall of Fame Dance) Tim & Deb Vogt VI Waltz
Don't Tell Mama (Standby) Dan & Sandi Finch V+1+2 Quickstep
Fiesta Madrilena George & Pamela Hurd VI Paso Doble
Have You Ever (Standby) Mark & Pam Prow V Hesitation/Canter
I Got A Girl Randy & Marie Preskitt IV Mambo
I Have A Dream Gert-Jan & Susie Rotscheid V+0+1 Waltz
In A Mellow Tone Steve & Radka Sandeman VI Foxtrot
Save the Last Dance for Me Kenji & Nobuko Shibata VI Cha
Una Carezza Brent & Judy Moore VI Rumba
When A Child is Born Kay & Joy Read VI Slow Two Step
You Stepped Out of a Dream Wayne & Barbara Blackford V+2 Bolero

Curt & Tammy Worlock received the Golden Torch!!!Too cool!!!  Congratulations!!!

The Hall of Fame Dance was Dark Waltz!  Yippee!!  Congratulations to Tim & Deb Vogt!!!!

                                                   Next, here are the top 15!!!!

Position Name Choreographer
1 Forrest Gump Moore
2 Carnival Rumble
3 Beat of Your Heart Preskitt
4 La Gloria Moore
5 And I Love You So Childers
6 Jurame Worlock
7 Laurann Preskitt
8 Last Night Cha Worlock
9 Boulavogue Lamberty/Morales
10 Beale Street Blues Lillefield
11 A Wink and a Smile Rumble
12 The Human Thing to Do Sheridan
13 Los Rayos Del Sol Moore
14 Sleeping Beauty Moore
15 Stier Tango Worlock



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