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We hope you will consider coming to visit & dance with us in Mesa.  We are generally there from the end of October until the first of April.  If you've never considered a vacation here, please think it over.

Take this link to check out things to do (of course you can dance 3 times a day 7 days a week and we hope you will, but we figure you'd probably want a few more options too!!!).  http://www.visitmesa.com/things-to-do/

Where to stay??  Check out the extended stay hotel options or if you own an RV, look at the RV parks.  We can personally recommend Monte Vista and Greenfield Village.  We've stayed at lots of them and they are all clean, friendly and close to the dancing.  There are many other parks in the vicinity and most are quite nice.  If you have a particular one you've read about, but just not sure of the specifics, feel free to email us.  If we've seen it or know anything about it, we'll be happy to tell you what we think.  Here's an Adobe Acrobat map to give you a general idea of the area & venues.






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