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Here's your chance to let us know specifically which dances you like the most!!!!  I've just updated the list!!!  Please VOTE!!!

We'd like you each of you to choose your 10 Favorite Dances each month!  This will start November's voting.

I'll compile the info and post it.  Of course we'll also use the information to plan our dance programs.  If this works, we'll expand to find out more about what our dancers like and don't like!!  I'm starting with only a few dances listed to choose from.  If you'd like to vote for something I don't have listed, send it to me on the Feedback form.  I'll add it to the list for next month.

Please fill out the name box. 

Press Submit once to send the information.  When You press submit, you will go to a confirmation page and it will list the dances you voted for. 

Press Reset to clear the checkmarks and start over. 

Name                                      Go to Foxtrot


A Taste of Bolero (Rother) (4)
Abrazame (Worlock) (5)
Another Love Like Mine (Vogt)(6)
Danny Boy (Weiss)(5)
El Reloj (TankelGilder)(4)
Falling Into You (Moore)(4)
Feel My Love (Worlock)(6)
For A Moment (Molitoris)(4)
La Barca (Goss) (5)
La Gloria (Moore) (6)
Love Changes Everything (Pierce)(5)
Make This Night Eternal (Read)(6)                                                 
My Confession (Rumble)(6)
My Heart Will Go On (Vogt)(4)
Renasae (Moore)(6)
Right Here Waiting (Goss)(6)
Say No More (Moore) (6)
Show Me Heaven (6)
Sleeping Beauty (Moore)(5)
Solo Bolero (Hurd)(5)
Song from a Secret Garden (Sechrist) (5)
To All The Girls (Goss)(6)
Todo Bolero (Read)(6)
What a Difference A Day Makes (Shibata)(6)
Who Loves You (Shibata)(6)
Wounded Heart (Worlock)(5)
You Forget (Rumble)(6)


A La Playa (Worlock)(5)
Amor Cha (Barton)(5)
Boom Boom (Rumble)(5)
Chilly Chilly Cha (Shibata) (6)
Corazon (6)
Doolittle Cha (Goss)(4)
Hey Daddy (Easterday)(4)
Hola Chica (Worlock)(5)
In The Navy (Silvia)(4)
In These Shoes (Lillefield)(5)
It's 4 Cha Cha (Preskitt) (4)
La Pura (Goss)(5)
Last Night Cha (Worlock)(5)
Love Grows (Worlock) (5)
Patricia Cha (Worlock)(5)
Peter Gunn (Goss) (6)
Sugar Sugar (Worlock)(4)
Sway 4 Me (Rumble)(4)
Todo Todo Todo (6)
Two For Tea (Goss)(4)
You Drive Me Crazy (Rumble)(5)
You Should Be Dancing (Goss)(5)
You're The Top Cha (Childers)(5)

FOXTROT                                                                                         Go to Mixed Rhythms

A Lovely Evening (Childers)(6)
A Wink and A Smile (Rumble)(5)
All That Jazz (Sechrist)(5)
Am I Blue (Lamberty) (6)
Am I Blue IV (Slater)(4)
And That Reminds Me (Vogt)(5)
Back Where I Belong (Read) (4)
Big Spender (Vogt) (6)
Body & Soul (Shibata)(5)
Breathless (Moore) (6)
Bye Bye Blues (Palmquist)(6)
Call Me Irresposible (Rumble) (6)
Change Partners (Rumble) (6)
Cocktail Time (Moore)(6)
Cuando Foxtrot (Molitoris) (5)
Dream On (Read) (5)
Exactly Like You (Slater) (4)
Foggy Night Heartbreak (DeChenne) (6)
French Poodle (Moore) (5)
From My Guy (Goss)(5)
Have I Told You (Prow)(4)
I Do I Do I Do (Blackford)(5)
I Could Write A Book (Rumble)(6)
I've Got You Under My Skin (Goss)(5)
La Mer (Hurd) (4)
Let There Be (Hurd)(4)
Maria Elena Foxtrot (Ward)(5)
Money Foxtrot (Preskitt) (5)
My Guy (Goss)(6)
Nice & Easy (Goss) (6)
Nobody But Me! (Moore) (5)
Orange Colored Sky (Shibata)(5)
Orient Express (Moore)(5)
Over & Over (Goss)(5)
Pensando En Ti (Esqueda) (6)
Real Live Girl (Slomcenski) (5)
Rotkappchen's Traum (Bradt)(5)
Sisters (Goss) (6)
Taking A Chance on Love (Clements) (6)
That's You VI (Rumble) (6)
The Human Thing To Do (Sheridan)(5)
This Can't Be Love (Shibata)(5)
This Is The Life (Rumble)(4)
Until Now (Worlock)(6)
Un P'tit Foxtrot (Tucker)(4)
Violette (Nelson) (6)
Warm & Willing (ChildersSlomcenski)(5)
Watch Over Me Foxtrot (Goss)(4)
Why Don'cha Do Right (Moore)(4)
You Make Me Feel So Young (Krol)(FT5)


Do You Know What It Means (Woodruff)(5)
How Little We Know (Hurd)(4)
Pennsylvania 6-5000 (Glover)(5)


You Owe Me One (Worlock)(5)

JIVE                                                                                            Return to Top of Form

A Letter To You (Worlock)(5)
Beale Street Blues (Lillefield)(5)
Boogie Time (Gloodt)(4)
Fine Brown Frame (Hurd)(4)
I Love The Nightlife (D'Aloise)(4)
I'll be Uptown (Hilton)(5)
I'm Beginning to See the Light (Vogt) (6)
I've Got the World on a String (Easterday) (6)
Kansas City (Rumble) (5)
Leroy Swing (Palmquist)(5)
Let Me Show You How (Slater)(4)
Little Shop of Horrors (Goss) (6)
She Can't Fix Grits (Hurd)(5)
Should I Do It (Read)(4)
Roadhouse Blues (Easterday) (6)
Run Around Sue (Rumble) (6)
Safronia B. (Rumble) (6)
The Twist (Worlock) (6)
You Left The Water Running (Read)(4)


Bye Bye Mambo (Rumble) (6)
Hey Mambo! (Cibula)(MB4)
Jack Is Back (Worlock) (5)
Moola Lah (Finch) (4)
Sing A Long Mambo (Worlock)(6)
Tequila (Shibata)(6)


Dancez Merengue (Shibata)(5)
Merengue Si (Barton)(4)


Dance in Portugal (Hurd) (4)
Dancing At Washington Square (Robertson)(4)
Hooked On Swing (Windhorst)(4)
Nadia's Theme (Goss)(4)
Song Sung Diamond (Ray)(4)
The Missouri Breaks (Waldal/Bushue)(4)
Quickstep Ain't Enough (Silvia) (4)
Whistle Stop (Easterday) (4)
Woodchopper's Ball (Lawson)(4)


Amparita Roca (Schmidt)(5)
Carmen (Imamura) (6)
Don Valero (Liberti)(4)
Ghost Riders (Prow)(5)
Paso Cadiz (Rother)(5)
Paso Corredo (Rother)(5)
Trumpet Fiesta (Goss)(6)

QUICKSTEP                                                                                    Go to Waltz

Billy A Dick (Worlock) (5)
Come Dancing (Goss) (6)
Five Guys Named Moe (Goss) (6)
Fortuosity (Rother)(5)
Go On By Quickstep (Hurd) (4)
Lazy Crazy Days (Vogt) (6)
Ritzy Quickstep (Rother)(4)
Shall We Dance (Goss)(5)
Something (Schmidt)(4)
St Michael's Quickstep (Casey) 6)
Tijuana Taxi (Prow)(4)


Almost There (Childers) (6)
Amapola (Rumble) (6)
And I Love You So (Childers) (5)
Besame Mucho (Rumble) (5)
Beyond (Shibata)(5)
Carnival (Rumble)(4)
Fernando (Prow) (4)
Forget Me Not (Moore) (4)
Harlem Novturne (Sandeman) (6)
If Tomorrow Never Comes (Rumble)(5)
Jurame (Worlock)(5)
Kiss Me Goodbye Rumba (Lawson) (6)
Looking Through Your Eyes (Read)(4)
Lost to Me (Shibata) (5)
Memory Rumba (Molitoris) (4)
Memory Rumba (Rumble) (6)
Mi Vida (Read) (4)
Mujer (Read)(6)
Perhaps (Easterday) (4)
Perfidia Rumba (Slater) (6)
Rumba Calienta (Shibata) (6)
Rumba Concerto (Goss) (6)
Somos (Moore)(5)
Spanish Eyes (Rother) (6)
Starlight Express (Goss) (5)
TeQuiero (Worlock) (4)
The Way You Look Tonight (Rumble) (6)
Theme from Black Orpheus (Goss) (6)
Tonight (Childers)(4)
Tormento De Amor (Worlock) (6)
When You Loved Me (Hurd)(4)
Years May Come (Rother)(4)


Miracle Salsa (Shibata)(6)


Don't Ask Me Why (Goss) (5)
Samba De Ooh La La (Shibata) (5)


Adeline (Shibata) (5)
Are You Still Mine (Goss) (6)
Beat of Your Heart (Preskitt) (5)
Bottle This (Brown) (4)
Can't Smile (Martin)(4)
From Sarah With Love (Prufer) (4)
In This Life (Worlock) (6)
La Mer (Shibata) (6)
Rachel's Song (Stairwalt)(4)
Smoke Slow Two Step (Chico)(4)
Stranger on the Shore (Read) (5)
Too Many Rivers (Hooper)(4)
You Raise Me Up (Read) (6)


8 Bells Tango (Rother) (6)
Amargura (Rumble) (6)
Blue Skies (Worlock) (6)
Chalita (Goss) (6)
Cumparsita Argentina (Hurd) (5)
Diosa Marina (Schmidt) (5)
Don Diego (Moore) (6)
Ecstasy (Read) (6)
Fenestra (Moore) (6)
Fiesta (Palmquist) (6)
From The Soul (Noble)(5)
Gardenia Tango (Parker)(4)
Gold Tango (Read)(5)
Illusion Of My Life (Noble)(5)
Just A Tango (Childers)(5)
Liebertango (Lamberty)(5)
Midnight Tango (Vogt) (6)
Senorita Tango (Rumble) (4)
Sombras (Blackford)(5)
Stier Tango (Worlock)(5)
Tango Capriccioso (Ward)(5)
Tango Clarice (Moore) (6)
Tango in Portugal (Goss) (6)
Tango of Love (Nelson) (6)
Tango Teneriffa (Shibata) (6)
Telemark Tango (Barton)(5)
The Blues Tango (Goss) (6)


Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee (Goss) (5)

WALTZ                                                                                   Go Back to Top of Form

A Brief Romance (Rumble)(4)
A Daisy in December (Hurd) (6)
Adagio (Worlock) (6)
All Kinds of Everything (Vogt) (6)
Allegheny Moon (Barton)(6)
Appasionata (Finch)(5)
Autumn Nocturne (Palmquist)(6)
Begin to Color Me (Read)(6)
Boulavogue (Lamberty)(6)
Castles And Kings (Slater)(5)
Cavatina (Barton)(6)
Close Every Door (Goss)(6)
Come to Me (Lamberty)(6)
Coney Island (Shibata)(5)
Dedication (Rumble)(4)
Edelweiss (Shibata) (4)
Fascination (Moss) (4)
Flying (Sechrist) (5)
Forrest Gump (Moore) (5)
Four Walls (Buck)(4)
Funny Face (Buck)(4)
Gymnopedie #1 (Vogt) (6)
I Believe in You (Hesitation Cantor Waltz) (Read) (5)
Illusion (Sheridan) (5)
Intrigue (Robinson)(4)
Jean (Lamberty)(5)
Jean III (Buck)(4)
Laurann (Preskitt)(4)
Liebestraum No. 3 (WZ5)
Lovely Lady (Palmquist)(5)
Marilyn Marilyn (Palmquist)(4)
Married (Shawver)(6)
Molly Maquire's Waltz (Lamberty)(4)
Moon River (Rumble)(4)
Moonlight Romance (Childers)(6)
No Walls (Worlock)(4)
Open Arms (Vogt) (5)
Papillion (Lamberty)(6)
Riviere De Lune (WZ5)
Romantic Dream (Moore)(6)
Sam IV (WZ4)
Sam's Song (Shawver)(6)
Scheherazade (Moore)(6)
Senza Fine (Hurd)(4)
Senza Fine VI (Hurd)(6)
Starlight Waltz (Worlock)(4)
The Bard (Lamberty)(5)
The Children (Barton)(6)
The Mountains Of Mourne (Lamberty)(4)
The Old House (Lamberty)(5)
Try to Remember (Goss)(6)
Waltz in A Flat (Goss) (6)
Waltz Tramonte (Britton)(5)
Wendy (Slater)(5)
When Will I (Prow)(5)
When You're Alone (Read)(4)
Where is Your Heart (Lawrence) (6)
With You I'm Born Again (Goss)(6)
Wyoming Lullaby (Palmquist)(5)


Big, Blond, and Beautiful (Goss) (6)
Black Velvet (Crapo) (5)
Black Velvet West (Childers) (6)
Blueberry Hill (Buck) (4)
Draggin' the Line (Preskitt) (5)
How Do You Like Me Now (Rumble) (6)
I Feel Like a Woman (Shibata)(6)
I Hear You Knocking (Goss) (6)
I'm in Chains (Read) (6)
Java Jive (Childers) (5)
Knock Once (Goss) (5)
Mint Julep (Rother) (6)
She's No Lady (Hurd) (6)
Slow Walk (Kincaid) (4)
Your Man (Worlock) (6)

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